How to install an electric car charger yourself?

Electric car charger installation is not an easy task to do at home alone as it is risky and tricky as well. If you want a tesla charger installation at your home, you should first ask the suppliers for permission and hire a professional who better knows electric car charger installation. However, if anyone of you has some experience in installing electrical appliances can follow the steps

Ready the wall for Tesla charger installation

First of all, you need to observe and mount the wall where you are going to install the car charger. Choose a safe and suitable place for installing a car charger like the garage of your home or the exterior part that is closer to your home or considered your property. Then mount the wall of your selected area.

ยท        Install the charger on the wall

Then fix the charger over the wall with the help of some professional tool for keeping it fixed in the wall as a long cable of 15 meters will be attached with it to supply the electricity.

ยท        Connect it with an electricity connection

Next to the, a safe electricity connection is supplied to ensure proper charging without causing any harm to residents of that place. After tesla charger installation, it should be observed for 3 to 4 hours.


Electric car charger installation is easy but not safer for those who do not have the experience to provide an electrical connection.